UUC Act, Statute and other Statutory Documents

1UUC Act-1999Download
2UUC Act Amendments-2002Download
3UUC Act Amendments-2009Download
4UUC 1st StatuteDownload
5UUC Statute Amendments Dt. 12-12-2013Download
6UUC Statute Amendments Dt. 10-12-2018Download
7UGC 2(f) LetterDownload
8AIU Recognition LetterDownload
9Notification of Change of BFA Course to BVA CourseDownload
10Notification of Change of MFA Course to MVA CourseDownload
11Notification of equivalency of B.Mus Degree of UUC to that of Degree of BJB CollegeDownload
12Office Order regarding equivalency of BTHS and MTHS courses with BHM and MHM Courses of this UniversityDownload
13GST Registration Certificate of Utkal University of Culture, BhubaneswarDownload