List of Ph.D./D.Litt. Awardees

Sl.No.Name of the awardeeD.Litt/Ph.D.Registration No.Award Notification No. and DateTitle of the thesisFaculty of
46Alekh Kumar JenaPh.D.08/CS/UUC/201739/UUC Dt.20-02-2020Rural Life and Culture of Kendrapara during 20th Century: A StudyCulture Studies
45Sangitarani TripathyPh.D.07/CS/UUC/201726/UUC Dt. 10-02-2020Impact of Curricula in Value Orientation and Cultural Transmission among Secondary School Students: A Comparative Study of B.S.E. and C.B.S.E.Culture Studies
44Radhashyam BeheraPh.D.07/PA/UUC/2017625/UUC Dt. 08-11-2019Tabla & Mardala: A Comparative StudyPerforming Art
43Samitarani MohantyPh.D.03/PA/UUC/2014560/UUC Dt. 15-10-2019Group Theatre in Odisha - Retrospect and ProspectPerforming Art
42Sarbani Sankar MohapatraPh.D.07/CS/UUC/2015538/UUC Dt. 19-09-2019A Study of Emotional Intelligence, Academic Anxiety and teaching of Performance of Trainee Teachers of CETs of OdishaCulture Studies
41Dr. Ratnakar MohapatraD.Litt.02/CS/UUC/2012536/UUC Dt. 19-09-2019 Temples of Prachi ValleyCulture Studies
40Gouranga Charan MahalaPh.D.07/PA/UUC/2014340/UUC Dt. 23-07-2019Musical Instruments of Odisha with Special Reference to Mardal : A Critical StudyPerforming Art
39Pardeep SinghPh.D.07/VA/UUC/2015282/UUC Dt. 19-06-2019Miniature Paintings done under the Sikhs:
Critical Analysis on Influences and
Formation of Sikh School of Art
Visual Art
38Prakash KishorePh.D.08/VA/UUC/2015222/UUC Dt. 26-04-2019Tracing the Mediatic Realism in Indian Art
since 90s: Introspecting the Identity
Pseudo Realism.
Visual Art
37Subhashree PattnaikPh.D.23/PA/UUC/2015159/UUC Dt. 02-04-2019Odissi & Bharat Natyam Dance: A Comparative StudyPerforming Art
36Subas Chandra RoutPh.D.03/LL/UUC/201546/UUC Dt.14-02-2019Human and Non-Human Symbiosis: An
Eco critical Study of Amitav Ghosh's
Selected Works
Language and Literature
35Susil Kumar PattanaikPh.D.08/PA/UUC/201238/UUC Dt. 08-02-2019Impact of Musical Rhythm on Mentally
Retraded Children : A Case Study of Open
Learning Systems
Performing Art
34Rupa SinhaPh.D.27/PA/UUC/201513/UUC Dt. 15-01-2019Nagpuri Jhumar : A Classical StudyPerforming Art
33Sasmita PandaPh.D.14/CS/UUC/2015615/UUC Dt. 19-11-2018Hand Weeven Khandual Saree in
Maniabandha and Nuapatana in the Era of
Globalisation : A Sociological Study
Culture Studies
32Rumki DuttaPh.D.05/VA/UUC/2015567/UUC Dt. 15-11-2019Landscape Paintings in British India : A
Reflection of Indian Pastoral Lives &
Visual Art
31Debi Prasad BiswalPh.D.08/CS/UUC/2015547/UUC Dt. 06-11-2018Impact of Mahatma Gandhi National Rural
Employment Guarantee Scheme on the
Rural Marginal Producers : A Comparative
Study of Khorda and Koraput Districts in
Culture Studies
30Manjurani MohapatraPh.D.04/PA/UUC/2014501/UUC Dt. 29-09-2018An Analyticsl Study "Bhava" on Odissi MusicPerforming Art
29Puspanjali MohapatraPh.D.12/CS/UUC/2015401/UUC Dt. 30-07-2018Regional Cusine and its impact on Tourism
: A Critical Analysis on the Cuisine of Costal
Culture Studies
28Dheeraj Kumar MohapatraPh.D.13/PA/UUC/201528/UUC Dt. 27-01-2018The Essence of Odissi Music and Impact of Gita Govinda on its trendsPerforming Art
27Baburam NayakPh.D.15/LL/UUC/20156416/UUC Dt. 30-12-2017Dimensions of Cultural Communication in the Globalized Society : A Critical StudyLanguage and Literature
26Niranjan MohantyPh.D.10/PA/UUC/2012198/UUC Dt. 14-11-2017A Critical Study on Impact of Music of
Inculcation of Values among Students of
Secondary Schools
Performing Art
25 Anup Kumar Das TalukdarPh.D.23/CS/UUC/20103642/UUC Dt. 24-12-2016Impact of Development and Displacement
in Project affected area : A case study of
Kalinga Nagar in Jajpur District, Odisha
Culture Studies
24Sachikanta NayakPh.D.05/PA/UUC/2012406/UUC Dt. 19-05-2016Chhanda in the Prabandha Classificationof Odissi Music: An AnalysisPerforming Art
23Sasmita RayPh.D.24/CS/UUC/2010127/UUC Dt. 11-02-2016A Sociological Diagnosis on Empowerment of Women in Slums of Bhubaneswar City Culture Studies
22Bijaya Kumar JenaPh.D.06/PA/UUC/2012834/UUC Dt. 01-06-2015Classicism of Music: odissi Music and its Technical Analysis Performing Art
21Manoranjan MohantyPh.D.01/A&A/UUC/200790/UUC Dt. 21-01-2015A Cultural Profile of the Garjat States of the undevided Cuttack DistrictArchitecture and Archeology
20R.RamachandranPh.D.29/CS/UUC/201192/UUC Dt. 21-01-2015Vedas - A New Critical Analysis with Special Reference to Human Body and HealthCulture Studies
19Adikanda PandaPh.D.15/CS/UUC/201594/UUC DT. 21-01-2015Cultural Diffusion in Higher Education in India and Nepal : A Comparative StudyCulture Studies
18Chitta Ranjan SahooPh.D.02/VA/UUC/201252/UUC Dt. 15-01-2015Monuments of the Prachi Valley : A Study of Sculptural Art in Pictorial PerspectiveVisual Art
17Ashis MohapatraPh.D.26/CS/UUC/20111615/UUC Dt. 02-09-2014Women Empowerment : A Case Study of Kandha Tribe of Koraput. Culture Studies
16Sharmila RayPh.D.12/CS/UUC/20071613/UUC Dt. 02-09-2014A Study of Environment of Cultural
Heritage Depicting Durga Cult-A New
Culture Studies
15Elina MishraPh.D.17/CS/UUC/20091597/UUC Dt. 25-08-2014Vedantic Derivation of Buddhism and its Impact on the Culture of Kalinga,OrissaCulture Studies
14Avaya Kumar NayakPh.D.14/CS/UUC/20071210/UUC Dt. 30-05-2012Politics of Education Universalisation of Elementary Education in OrissaCulture Studies
13Sadasiv DashPh.D.25/CS/UUC/20102221/UUC Dt. 01-12-2012Quality Assurance & Work Culture and its social relevanceCulture Studies
12Ramani Ranjan JenaPh.D.01/PA/UUC/20072018/UUC Dt. 17-10-2012Mayurbhanj Chhow Nrutya Ra Utpati O Krama VikashPerforming Art
11Meena GuruPh.D.22/CS/UUC/2010122/UUC Dt. 27-01-2012Inspection and Supervision of Secondary
Schools of Orissa - Expections, vision and
attitude of School Head
Culture Studies
10Durga Sankar SenapatiPh.D.16/CS/UUC/20081969/UUC Dt. 13-09-2011Ornamentation of Fabrics of Orissa and its
impact on marketing - A study on Applique
work of Pipili.
Culture Studies
9Sudhanshu Kumar DashPh.D.09/CS/UUC/20011779/UUC Dt. 22-08-2011Kriya Yoga - Its Scientific Evaluation &
practical Application in Modern Life - A
Study of Swami Nigamananda
Culture Studies
8Srikant PandaPh.D.07/SLS/UUC/20091147/UUC Dt. 18-05-2011Acoustic Analysis of Odia Speech Sounds Sociolinguistics
7Manoranjan MishraPh.D.07/CS/UUC/2001938/UUC Dt. 27-07-2010Adolescence Education in Tribals & NonTribal Schools : A case study of Khurda &
Kalahandi District.
Culture Studies
6Ranjan Kumar KanthaPh.D.01/MTHS/UUC/20041115/UUC Dt. 31-05-2008Customer Relationship Management -
Trends & opportunities in Orissa Hotel
Tourism and Hospitality Services
5 Lulabi PattanayakPh.D.02/CS/UUC/20001313/UUC DT. 08-08-2006Literacy among the Tribal Women : Santhals of Mayurbhanj District of OrissaCulture Studies
4 Sarmistha BandyopadhyayPh.D.04/CS/UUC/2002776/UUC Dt.20-05-2005Socio-cultural and Political Engagement of
Women - A study of Women participation
during Indian Freedom Movement.
Culture Studies
3Sunakar DasPh.D.08/CS/UUC/20081446/UUC Dt. 14-09-2004Educational Philosophy of Swami
Nigamananda : A Study of its impact on
Socio-economic cultural aspects of India
Culture Studies
2Swati MohapatraPh.D.01/CS/UUC/2000436/UUC Dt. 12-03-2004Advertising Media and People of Orissa : An interactive perspectiveCulture Studies
1 Jyotirmaya SatapathyD.Litt.01/SAS/UUC/20021969/UUC Dt. 14-12-2006Inquiry into the Nature and Economic
cases of Insurgency in South Asia;
Some Geo-Economic prescriptions for
North-East India
South and South East Asian Studies