UUC Act, Statute and other Statutory Documents

1905-10-2020Equivalency of MA(THS) course of BJB College with MHM/MTTM course of Utkal University of CultureDownload
1809-08-2019Ph.D. Regulation-2019Download
1705-08-2019Notification of equivalency of B.Mus Degree of UUC to that of Degree of BJB CollegeDownload
1606-07-2019Office Order regarding equivalency of BTHS and MTHS courses with BHM and MHM Courses of this UniversityDownload
1508-03-2019GST Registration Certificate of Utkal University of Culture, BhubaneswarDownload
1412-12-2018Utkal University of Culture Statute Amendments Dt. 12-12-2018Download
1322-04-2017PAN - Utkal University of CultureDownload
1203-09-2016Notification of Change of MFA Course to MVA CourseDownload
1114-07-2016Admission criteria into BPA course under this UniversityDownload
1025-02-2016Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) Regulation-2016Download
904-06-2015Notification regarding change of nomenclature of course run in Utkal University of CultureDownload
828-10-2013Utkal University of Culture Statute Amendments Dt. 28-10-2013Download
707-01-2009Utkal University of Culture Act - Amendments, 2009Download
620-07-2005Notification of Change of BFA Course to BVA CourseDownload
513-12-2002Utkal University of Culture Act - Amendments, 2002Download
403-01-2002Utkal University of Culture 1st StatuteDownload
309-08-2000AIU Recognition LetterDownload
201-12-1999UGC 2(f) LetterDownload
112-08-1999Utkal University of Culture Act, 1999Download