Fee Structure

Fee Structure for M.A./MVA/MPA Programme

Sl.No.Type of Fee1st Sem2nd Sem3rd Sem4th Sem
1Tuition Fee300/-300/-300/-300/-
2Admission Fee500/-500/-500/-500/-
3Seminar Fee250/-250/-250/-250/-
4Library Development Fee150/-150/-150/-150/-
5Departmental Development Fee250/-250/-250/-250/-
6Cultural Fee150/-150/150/150/-
7I - Card Fee60/-------
8Syllabus Fee50/-------
9Caution Money (Refundable)250/---250/---
10TC/CLC Fee100/-------
111. Studio Practice/Stage Performance
(For MVA & MPA Students only except students of Drama)
2.Production Cost of Drama




12Registration/Recognition Fee for Students of other Universities150/-------
13Alumini Fee100/-------
Total Fee per Semester of MVA and MPA Students
(Except students of Drama)
Total Fee for students of Drama2,960/-2,100/-2,500/-2,100/-
Total Fee for General M.A. Students2,460/-1,600/-2,000/-1,600/-
14Transportation Fee (Bus Fee)800/-800/-800/-800/-

Fee Structure for M.Phil Programmes

Sl.No.Fee Type1st Sem2nd Sem
1Tuition Fee500/-500/-
2Admission Fee1000/-1000/-
3Seminar Fee250/-250/-
4Library Development Fee150/-150/-
5Departmental Development Fee250/-250/-
6Cultural Fee150/-150/-
7I-Card Fee60/---
8Syllabus Fee50/---
9Caution Money(Refundable)250/-250/-
10TC/CLC Fee100/---
111.Studio Practice/Stage Performance
(For MVA & MPA students except Drama students)
2. Production Cost of Drama


12Registration/Recognition Fee
for students of other Universities
13Alumni Fee100/-
Total Fee per semester for MVA & MPA students
except Drama students
Total Fee for students of Drama4,260/-3,550/-
14Transportation Fee (Bus Fee)800/-800/-
  1. Students of Drama will be provided a matching grant for the practical Production of Drama at the end of each semester on the basis of amount collected from them after the Form Fill-up for Examination.
  2. Students who want to avail transportation facility will have to indicate their willingness in the On-line application form and shall have to make on-line payment or Rs. 1600/- – Per year at time of admission in addition to admission fee.)
  3. SC/ST/Women students of Utkal University of Culture and other University shall be exempted from tuition fee.
  4. Students of other Universities shall pay Registration/Recognition fee of Rs.150/-.
  5. Foreign students shall pay admission fee of Rs.65,000/- in addition to other fees.
  6. The students of Drama/Painting/Sculpture/Applied Art & Design shall bear their own practical production expenditures.
  7. Blind students who use Braille for studies/ hearing impaired and dumb students/orthopedically handicapped students with disability of more than 75% are exempted for tuition fees and other related fees                                                                                          Fee Structure for Certificate Courses
    1. Certificate course in Jain Religion and Philosophy Rs.500/-
    2. Certificate course in Tamil Language Rs.100/-                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    HOSTEL ACCOMMODATION
      Hostel facility is provided in the University campus for boys and girls. Those who are  willing to avail the hostel facility are required to apply separately in the prescribed form to Hostel Superintendent, Utkal University of Culture, Bhubaneswar.
      Details of Hostel Fees:

      1. Caution Money           500/-    (per Annum)
      2. Admission Fees         200/-    (Per Annum)
      3. Establishment Fee     600/-    (Per Annum)
      4. Seat Rent Rs.             600/-    (Per Annum)
      5. Maintenance Fee        600/-    (Per Annum)
      6. Food Charges           1,500/- (One Month  Advance to be paid)


                               Total           Rs.   4,000/-


      Note :

      1. Candidates desirous of taking admission in the Hostel have to give their willingness in the On-line application form.
      1. Those who shall be selected for admission to Hostel shall have to fill up a separate form of admission which will be available in the office of the Hostel Superintendent and have to make the above mentioned payment in the Hostel Office.
      1. Mess charges (Lunch and Dinner) shall be approximately Rs. 1500/- per month and has to be paid by the boarders during the period stipulated in the hostel regulations which shall be supplied to the students at the time of hostel admission. The advance amount collected towards Mess charges at the time of admission shall be adjusted in the last month of the stay of the boarders in the Hostel.
      1. Those who are willing to stay in the Hostel and are selected a shall have to abide by all the rules and regulations of the Hostels made from time to time.FOR EXACT FEE STRUCTURE AND COURSES OFFERED, PLEASE REFER TO THE PROSPECTUS OF THE CURRENT YEAR