Faculty of Language and Literature


M.A. in Linguistics

Linguistics has now emerged as an important branch of social sciences. Even though it has evolved today into an interdisciplinary study with western methodological orientation, it is not new to Indian academia. Pioneering attempts of sociolinguistic approaches can be found in the Indian tradition of Grammar and Philology. Along with language studies the subject incorporates the social and developmental factors which add an applied interdisciplinary module to the subject. The study draws its methodology from disciplines like sociology, linguistics, literature, culture studies etc. Such an interdisciplinary approach has wide and respective career. Therefore, the study can be of immense help to professionals like teachers, teacher-educators, speech therapists, information technologists, community developers, translators, literary workers, and other social scientists.

M.A. in Odia Language and Literature

Utkal University of Culture is operating in the entire State of Odisha where ODIA is the primary language. Odia language has a a history of rich cultural value. Govt. of Odisha is emphasizing on study and research on Odia Langauge and Literature. This course will help the students to contribute towards uplifting the value of Odia Language.