List of Ph.D./D.Litt. Awardees

School ofName of the awardeeTitle of the thesisDate of NotificationDownload Notification
68Ph.D.Language and LiteratureSri Janardan MishraRakta Tirtha Eram (Odia 1986) by Dr. Jagannath Patnaik : An English Rendering and a Critical Evaluation17-05-2022Download
67Ph.D.Performing ArtSri Mohit Kumar SwainAn Analytical-cum-Demonstrative Study of the Sambalpuri Dance Forms of Western Odisha with Special Reference to "DALKHAI"10-03-2022Download
66Ph.D.Language and LiteratureMrs. Diptimayee DasKanhucharan anka Upanyasare Naribada : Eka Adhyayana03-03-2022Download
65Ph.D.Language and LiteratureMrs. Sukanti MohapatraSabuja Kabita Andolona O Rabindranath Eka Tulanmaka Adhyana03-03-2022Download
64Ph.D.Culture StudiesSri Preji M.P.Study on the Tourist Perception of Health Tourism with Special Reference to Wellness Tourism in Kerala03-02-2022Download
63Ph.D.Performing ArtSri Niladri Kalyan DasAntiquity of Odishi Music for Classical Prospects31-01-2022Download
62Ph.D.Culture StudiesSri G.P.S.S. NandaRight Based Approach and Police Accountability: A Study on the changing work culture of Odisha Police13-01-2022Download
61Ph.D.Language and LiteratureMrs. Jyotsna Manjari TripathySamakalina Odia Sahitya O Kuntala Kumari Sabat20-12-2021Download
60Ph.D.Language and LiteratureSri Natabar JenaImaging the Home Land: A Study of the Fiction of Salman Rushdie, Amitav Ghosh and Rohinton Mistry23-11-2021Download
59Ph.D.Culture StudiesSri Jatadhari MishraShree Mandir and Sohala Shasana25-10-2021Download
58Ph.D.Visual ArtMrs. Sasmita KamilaThe Development of Packaging Design and its impact on Odishan Consumer Culture05-10-2021Download
57Ph.D.Culture StudiesSri Avijeet BhadraCultural Contexts in Education of Tribal Children: A Study of Teaching Learning Practices in Government Elementary Schools of Koraput District of Odisha22-09-2021Download
56Ph.D.Visual ArtSri Rebati Kanta MoharanaDevelopment of Book Cover Design in Odisha during Second half of the 20th Century22-09-2021Download
55Ph.D.Performing ArtSri Manoranjan PradhanPostures of Odissi Dance as depicted in the Temple Sculptures of Odisha04-06-2021Download
54Ph.D.Language and LiteratureSri Hemanta RajbanshiThe Poetry of Jayanta Mohapatra: A Stylistic Study08-04-2021Download
53Ph.D.Language and LiteratureSri Sukdeb GoswamiA Study of English Romantic Lyrics : A Pragmatic Perspective24-02-2021Download
52Ph.D.Performing ArtSri Krushna Chandra DasReligion and Music in Odishan Culture: A Comparative Study in the Field of String Instruments29-01-2021Download
51Ph.DLanguage and LiteratureSri Ranjan Kumar PradhanBathudi Moukhika Sahitya Re Samajika O Sanskrutika Chetana13-01-2021Download
50Ph.D.Language and LiteratureSri Abhaya Kumar RoutSwadhinata Parabarti Odia Prabandha Sahitya Re Sri Jagannatha Sanskruti: Eka Adhayana13-01-2021Download
49Ph.D.Language and LiteratureSmt. Ambika Das MohapatraSocio-Cultural History in Autobiographies of selected Indian Writers in English: A Study31-12-2020Download
48Ph.D.Performing ArtAjaya Kumar BiswalDevelopment of Talabadya in Odisha and the contribution of Pandit Khetramohan Kar23-12-2020Download
47Ph.D.Culture StudiesSmt. Monika GoyalEvolution, Sustenance and Contemporisation of Bandha Designs of Odisha - A Case Study of Textile Motifs15-09-2020Download
46Ph.D.Culture StudiesAlekh Kumar JenaRural Life and Culture of Kendrapara during 20th Century: A Study20-02-2020Download
45Ph.D.Culture StudiesSangitarani TripathyImpact of Curricula in Value Orientation and Cultural Transmission among Secondary School Students: A Comparative Study of B.S.E. and C.B.S.E.10-02-2020Download
44Ph.D.Performing ArtRadhashyam BeheraTabla & Mardala: A Comparative Study08-11-2019Download
43Ph.D.Performing ArtSamitarani MohantyGroup Theatre in Odisha - Retrospect and Prospect15-10-2019Download
42Ph.D.Culture StudiesSarbani Sankar PanigrahiA Study of Emotional Intelligence, Academic Anxiety and teaching of Performance of Trainee Teachers of CETs of Odisha19-09-2019Download
41D.Litt.Culture StudiesDr. Ratnakar Mohapatra Temples of Prachi Valley19-09-2019Download
40Ph.D.Performing ArtGouranga Charan MahalaMusical Instruments of Odisha with Special Reference to Mardal : A Critical Study23-07-2019Download
39Ph.D.Visual ArtPardeep SinghMiniature Paintings done under the Sikhs: Critical Analysis on Influences and
Formation of Sikh School of Art
38Ph.D.Visual ArtPrakash KishoreTracing the Mediatic Realism in Indian Art
since 90s : Introspecting the Identity Pseudo Realism.
37Ph.D.Performing ArtSubhashree PattnaikOdissi & Bharat Natyam Dance: A Comparative Study02-04-2019Download
36Ph.D.Language and LiteratureSubas Chandra RoutHuman and Non-Human Symbiosis: An Eco critical Study of Amitav Ghosh's
Selected Works
35Ph.D.Performing ArtSusil Kumar PattanaikImpact of Musical Rhythm on Mentally
Retarded Children : A Case Study of Open Learning Systems
34Ph.D.Performing ArtRupa SinhaNagpuri Jhumar : A Classical Study15-01-2019Download
33Ph.D.Culture StudiesSasmita PandaHand Weeven Khandual Saree in Maniabandha and Nuapatana in the Era of Globalisation: A Sociological Study19-11-2018Download
32Ph.D.Visual ArtRumki DuttaLandscape Paintings in British India: A Reflection of Indian Pastoral Lives &
31Ph.D.Culture StudiesDebi Prasad BiswalImpact of Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme on the Rural Marginal Producers : A Comparative Study of Khorda and Koraput Districts in
30Ph.D.Performing ArtManjurani MohapatraAn Analyticsl Study "Bhava" on Odissi Music29-09-2018Download
29Ph.D.Culture StudiesPuspanjali MohapatraRegional Cusine and its impact on Tourism: A Critical Analysis on the Cuisine of Costal Odisha30-07-2018Download
28Ph.D.Performing ArtDheeraj Kumar MohapatraThe Essence of Odissi Music and Impact of Gita Govinda on its trends27-01-201828/UUC
27Ph.D.Language and LiteratureBaburam NayakDimensions of Cultural Communication in the Globalized Society : A Critical Study30-12-20176416/UUC
26Ph.D.Performing ArtNiranjan MohantyA Critical Study on Impact of Music of Inculcation of Values among Students of
Secondary Schools
25Ph.D.Culture Studies Anup Kumar Das TalukdarImpact of Development and Displacement in Project affected area: A case study of
Kalinga Nagar in Jajpur District, Odisha
24Ph.D.Performing ArtSachikanta NayakChhanda in the Prabandha Classificationof Odissi Music: An Analysis19-05-2016406/UUC
23Ph.D.Culture StudiesSasmita RayA Sociological Diagnosis on Empowerment of Women in Slums of Bhubaneswar City 11-02-2016127/UUC
22Ph.D.Performing ArtBijaya Kumar JenaClassicism of Music: odissi Music and its Technical Analysis 01-06-2015834/UUC
21Ph.D.Architecture and ArchaeologyManoranjan MohantyA Cultural Profile of the Garjat States of the undevided Cuttack District21-01-201590/UUC
20Ph.D.Culture StudiesR.RamachandranVedas - A New Critical Analysis with Special Reference to Human Body and Health21-01-201592/UUC
19Ph.D.Culture StudiesAdikanda PandaCultural Diffusion in Higher Education in India and Nepal : A Comparative Study21-01-201594/UUC
18Ph.D.Visual ArtChitta Ranjan SahooMonuments of the Prachi Valley : A Study of Sculptural Art in Pictorial Perspective15-01-201552/UUC
17Ph.D.Culture StudiesAshis MohapatraWomen Empowerment : A Case Study of Kandha Tribe of Koraput. 02-09-20141615/UUC
16Ph.D.Culture StudiesSharmila RayA Study of Environment of Cultural Heritage Depicting Durga Cult-A New Dimension02-09-20141613/UUC
15Ph.D.Culture StudiesElina MishraVedantic Derivation of Buddhism and its Impact on the Culture of Kalinga,Orissa25-08-20141597/UUC
14Ph.D.Culture StudiesSadasiv DashQuality Assurance & Work Culture and its social relevance01-12-20122221/UUC
13Ph.D.Performing ArtRamani Ranjan JenaMayurbhanj Chhow Nrutya Ra Utpati O Krama Vikash17-10-20122018/UUC
12Ph.D.Culture StudiesAvaya Kumar NayakPolitics of Education Universalisation of Elementary Education in Orissa30-05-20121210/UUC
11Ph.D.Culture StudiesMeena GuruInspection and Supervision of Secondary Schools of Orissa -Expectations, vision and attitude of School Head27-01-2012122/UUC
10Ph.D.Culture StudiesDurga Sankar SenapatiOrnamentation of Fabrics of Orissa and its impact on marketing - A study on Applique work of Pipili.13-09-20111969/UUC
9Ph.D.Culture StudiesSudhanshu Kumar DashKriya Yoga - Its Scientific Evaluation & practical Application in Modern Life - A
Study of Swami Nigamananda
8Ph.D.Language and LiteratureSrikant PandaAcoustic Analysis of Odia Speech Sounds 18-05-20111147/UUC
7Ph.D.Culture StudiesManoranjan MishraAdolescence Education in Tribals & NonTribal Schools : A case study of Khurda &
Kalahandi District.
6Ph.D.Culture StudiesRanjan Kumar KanthaCustomer Relationship Management-Trends & opportunities in Orissa Hotel Industry31-05-20081115/UUC
5D.Litt.South and South-East Asian StudiesJyotirmaya SatapathyInquiry into the Nature and Economic cases of Insurgency in South Asia; Some Geo-Economic prescriptions for
North-East India
4Ph.D.Culture Studies Lulabi PattanayakLiteracy among the Tribal Women : Santhals of Mayurbhanj District of Orissa08-08-20061313/UUC
3Ph.D.Culture Studies Sarmistha BandyopadhyaySocio-cultural and Political Engagement of Women-
A study of Women Participation during Indian Freedom Movement.
2Ph.D.Culture StudiesSunakar DasEducational Philosophy of Swami
Nigamananda: A Study of its impact on Socio-economic cultural aspects of India
1Ph.D.Culture StudiesSwati MohapatraAdvertising Media and People of Orissa : An interactive perspective12-03-2004436/UUC