Dr. Sasmita Kamila
Resource person
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Working as guest faculty (Applied and Design) in Utkal University of Culture, Bhubaneswar since 2013. Experience with the teaching faculty of fine art College (Applied and Design).

Areas of Interest/Specialisation

Reading, Writing, sports activities. Faculty of Applied Art & Design (Artist & Educator).

Awards & Honours

1 Silpi Prabhucharan Jena smruti Samman-2024 by Silpi Prabhucharan Jena smruti Sansad, Jagatsingh pur- 2024.
2 The National level nomination-based title holder of Super Women Award by forever star India -2024.
3 The National level award of Women Art Educator by MTTV INDIA (Celebrating women Empowerment) -2023.
4 The National level India Proud Award 2023 certificate of achievement best Artist Award- 2023.
5 Kalpataru Prativa Samman-2023 by kalpataru organization at Jaydeb Bhaban-2023.
6 Women Art Merit Award at Kalamitra Foundation, Bangaluru, International Online Art exhibition-2022.

Books & Journals

1 Creative Photography, Technic & Packaging Design (International Journals of Science Research, ISSN No-2277-8179).
2 Important Aspects of Packaging & Consumer Culture (Paripex – India Journal of Research, ISSN No- 2250- 1991).
3 Odishan Cultural Artifacts & Traditional Packaging (Paripex – India Journal of Research, ISSN No- 2250- 1991).
4 Advertisement: A Selling Process by Hypnotising Society & Children (Paripex – India Journal of Research, ISSN No- 2250- 1991).
5 Creative Photography in Packaging Design (Global Journal for Research Analysis, ISSN No- 2277- 8160).
6 The Importance of Re-use Packaging & Use it new Re- Use Product (Anthology the Research ISSN No- 2456- 4397.
7 Use of Natural Materials & Packaging Design in Odisha (Innovation the Research Concept, ISSN No- 2456-5474).
8 Contributions of Odishan Folk Art to Traditional Packaging (Bharati Prakashan, ISBN 978-93-91297-19-0, Chapter in the Book).


Sl. No.
Publication Name
1 Pagemaker Publication Development of Packaging Desin & Odishan Consumer Culture (ISBN: 978-81-956437-7-6).
2 Pagemaker Publication Odishan Packaging Design & Consumer Behaviour (ISBN: 978-93-95947-90-9).