School of Architecture and Archaeology

This 2-Year pioneering programme aims at providing an institutional set up for innovative study of culture. Apart from providing conceptual clarification of the loaded term ‘Culture’, the programme provides insights into ‘culture studies’. The programme aims at liberating the study of culture in India from the confines of disciplinarian discourses, such as Anthropology, Sociology, History, Tribal Studies and Gender Studies, and to establish it as subject of study in its own right. It is, therefore, an interdisciplinary endeavour, seeking to xplore the intricacies of culture, both in the traditional and modern globalised context. It seeks to acquaint the students with knowledge of the vast diversity of human culture in time and space and its multifarious multidisciplinary approach in understanding culture with special reference to Odishan and Indian culture. This unique subject is first gaining ground in the Euro-American Academia. With the diverse socio-cultural trends in India, the study of culture would provide countless opportunities in making a prospective career.