Print Making

Embark on an exhilarating artistic odyssey by pursuing a career in Printmaking at Utkal University of Culture. Immerse yourself deeply in a realm of intricate techniques and profound visual storytelling, guided by a cadre of seasoned faculty who stand at the forefront of printmaking innovation. UUC’s comprehensive curriculum seamlessly blends the richness of tradition with the cutting-edge methods of contemporary art, cultivating a nuanced understanding of this captivating medium.

Within the stimulating environment of UUC, explore diverse forms of printmaking, ranging from the classical elegance of etching to the modern versatility of screen printing. This immersive journey not only refines your technical prowess but also nurtures a creative spirit that thrives on cultural diversity. Utkal University of Culture is dedicated to equipping you with the skills and insights necessary to make an indelible mark in the dynamic and vibrant realm of printmaking, ensuring a career that is both fulfilling and impactful. Embrace the transformative power of printmaking and chart your course toward artistic excellence at UUC.


Dr. Nilanjan Das
Assistant Professor, Regular
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Smt. Monalisha Biswal
Guest Faculty
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