Faculty of Visual Arts

The finest contribution of Odisha to our country’s cultural heritage is in the fields of art, architecture and sculpture. All through the ages Odisha was famous for its superior art and culture. The University offers Post-graduate courses in different branches of Visual Art with an aim to encourage the students pursuing careers in Painting, Print Making, Applied Art and Design, Sculpture and Art History to develop a theoretical and practical knowledge of high order in the concerned fields. Besides the regular curricula there will be academic lectures by the visiting scholars and resource persons from time to time, through demonstration, exhibitions and field studies whenever required. There is ample scope for the students in the aforesaid courses to have a prospective career both at national and international level.

Sl NoName of the FacultyDesignationDepartment
1Dr. Chakradhar BeheraReaderPainting
2Dr. Samburu sovaraReaderApplied art and design
3sri. Prabin kumar DalaiLecturerPainting
4Dr. Sasmita KamilaLecturer (Guest)Applied Art
5Dr. Soubhagya PathyLecturer (Guest)Art History
6Adweta prasad BeheraLecturer (Guest)Print Making
7Adweta prasad BeheraLecturer (Guest)Print Making
8Adweta prasad BeheraLecturer (Guest)Sculpture
9Adweta prasad BeheraLecturer (Guest)Sculpture
10Adweta prasad BeheraLecturer (Guest)Sculpture