Mission & Vision

The University seeks to spread the benefits of culture and education The mission is to evolve policies and programmes which would enable to make the University a distinct one by fostering our composite culture through qualitative expansion of academic studies and researches. Such activities would necessarily focus on various relevant and frontier areas of culture and development.

Keeping in view the statutory mandate contained in the Act, the salient objectives of the University are outlined as follows;

  • To promote education, research and training in various spheres of culture; such as language, literature, religion, visual arts, performing arts, sculpture, architecture, folklore, tribal studies etc. through development and extension works for the advancement of knowledge and for the betterment of the society;
  • To explore, preserve and propagate the rich cultural heritage through such devices like establishing libraries, archives, galleries, studios, organizing workshops and initiating programmes of publication etc. Besides, comprehensive surveys on matters related to culture would also be conducted;
  • To generate and disseminate learning and promote creative excellence in various spheres of culture, providing the infrastructure for instruction, research and creativity and in particular, to take appropriate measures for promoting interdisciplinary academic and creative pursuits in the University.
  • To promote ethnic studies like ethno-musicology etc. and to promote such other present;
  • To serve as center for fostering co-operation and exchange of ideas among the academic and research communities;
  • To organize exchange programmes through MOU with other institutions of repute in India and abroad;
  • To create facilities for teaching and research on foreign languages.
  • To determine the relationship between culture and development and prepare proposal of both urgent and long term actions to cultural needs in the context of development.
  • To undertake such other activities as may be required to fulfill the objective of the University.

Guru-sisya parampara prevails in the campus. Academic and social life inside the campus is congenial and praiseworthy. Qualified and experienced faculties make teaching-learning student friendly. Emphasis is given on both theory and practice. The distinguished faculties of the University strive their efforts to make a synergy between the two in order to make teaching and research more interesting and pulsating.. The University always endeavors to create an enabling and vibrant academic ambience for all its stakeholders.