Faculty of Performing Art

Performing Art and Music transcending all the barriers touches the head and heart of everyone. Different departments under this Faculty create a vibrant atmosphere in the campus. The enticing fusion of Flute, Violin, Sitar, Tabla, Mardal coupled with the Hindustani Vocal, Odishi Vocal to the rhythm of Odishi Dance and Chhow Dance keep the beholders spell bound. Experienced and eminent faculty members enthrall the receptive students and help propagating and preserving the Odishan and Indian Culture. Students and teachers wholeheartedly work for the growth and upliftment of our tradition. The Department of Drama adds yet another feather to our cap in the line of stage craft, direction and acting. Students and teachers have now occupied significant positions starting from celluloid media to electronic media. They also excel in enactment on stage in theatre houses.

Sl NoName of the FacultyDesignationDepartment
1Dr. Manoranjan PradhanReaderOdishi Dance
2Dr. C.V.L SrinivasReaderDrama
3Dr. Itishree SahooLecturerHindustani Vocal
4Dr. Sandeep Kumar RoutLecturerTabala
5Sri. Jabahar MishraLecturerFlute
6Ch. Jayaprakash DasLecturer (guest)Drama
7Dr. Krushna Chandra DasLecturer (guest)H. Violin
8Ashamukul barikLecturer (guest)Hindustni Vocal
9Karunakar nayakLecturer (guest)H. Vocal
10Bijay Kumar BarikLecturer (guest)Mardal
11Lingaraj SwainLecturer (guest)Odissi Dance
12Dr. Dheeraj Kumar PatraLecturer (guest)Odissi Vocal
13Ajaya kumar BiswalLecturer (guest)Tabla
14Chakradhar KhuntiaLecturer (guest)Sitar
15Snehasis PatnaikAccompanist (guest)H. Violin
16Upendra Kumar SwainAccompanist (guest)H. Vocal
18Rama chandra BeheraAccompanist (guest)Odissi Dance
19Sukanta Kumar KunduAccompanist (guest)Odissi Dance
20Anil kumar parikshyaAccompanist (guest)Odissi Vocal
21Dibakar ParidaAccompanist (guest)Odissi Vocal
22Dusmant kumar ParidaAccompanist (guest)Sitara
23Nirmal NayakAccompanist (guest)Tabal