Dr. Ashis Mohapatra
Assistant Professor, Culture Studies Deptt.
M.Phil., Ph.D.
E-mail Id

Teaching and research since several years at the Post Graduate and M.Phil. levels.

Areas of Interest/Specialisation

Culture Studies, Gender Studies, Media Studies, Odishan Culture, Folk Culture & Folklore Studies.

Awards & Honours

1 Junior and Senior Fellowship Awardee in the field of Sociology of Culture by CCRT, Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India for outstanding achievement in the field of Culture.
2 Gold Medal Awardee in Culture Studies in 2004.

Books & Journals

1 Twenty Research papers published in Peer Reviewed.
2 National and International Journals on Odishan Art, Culture, Tribal Culture, Gender Issues and Folk Culture.


Sl. No.
Publication Name
1 Essence of Odishan Folk and Indigenous Dance (2022). This book is exploring the patterns elements of Odishan folk and indigenous dance with their unique features.
2 Anthology of Odishan Art (2021). The book opens a crucial window onto the different aspects of Odishan Performing and Visual Arts.
3 Cultural Ethos. This book is an ambitious work in illuminating importance of cultural elements in our socio cultural life. Different articles of this book enrich one’s lens on several aspects of culture.
4 Culture and Gender : Past to Present (2012). This book constitutes a first step towards an ever-deferred interdisciplinary dialogue on Culture and various issues of Gender.
5 Folk and Tribal Culture of Odisha : Revisited (2012). This book presents a strong multidisciplinary perspective that help to know about the essence of Odishan Folk and Tribal Culture.
6 Samaja O Sanskruti (Odia). All the Chapters of this volume speak about the cultural heritage of Odisha in some form or the other.