Dr. Kailadbou Daimai
Assistant Professor, Department of Linguistics
M.Phil, PhD
E-mail Id

Mentored post-graduate students, providing guidance on research methodologies, data analysis techniques, and academic writing. Conducted advanced research in language and culture for several years at post-doctoral level.

Areas of Interest/Specialisation

Descriptive Linguistics, Phonetics and Phonology, Morphology, Morpho-Syntax, Language Documentation, Endangered and Lesser-known Languages, Ethnography, Ethno-linguistics, Sociolinguistics.

Awards & Honours

1 2016-Secured grant from Firebird Foundation for Anthropological Research, USA, to support research project on Documenting the unexplored Oral Literature of Liangmai.
2 2021-Secured grant from Endangered Language Fund: Language Legacies for research project on Documentation, description and revitalization of Liangmai folksong.

Books & Journals

1 Typological Characteristics of Liangmai Language. Language in India. 18-37. ISSN 1930-2940. 2016.
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Sl. No.
Publication Name
1 Classifiers in Liangmai: With brief grammar outline. Guwahati: Delhi: DVS Publisher. 2020. ISBN: 978-93-85839-37-5. This book presents a preliminary sketch of Liangmai grammar. A brief outline of Liangmai phonetic and phonology, morphology and syntax in the light of scientific approach is provided. The main focus of the book is on the classifier system in Liangmai.