Dr. Umesh Chandra Nayak
Associate Professor
E-mail Id

About 12 years experience of Teaching, Administrative different Universities & Reputed Schools.

Areas of Interest/Specialisation

I trained as sculptor in multi mediums, specific in Metal casting process but I always do interdisciplinary work practices and try to develop the artistic personalities between the learners by guiding various forms of Arts along with making the learning process fun and interesting. Skilled at quickly learning new processes, technologies, and new idea and Self-motivated with strong organizational and time management abilities, with my skills & qualities which includes creativity color combination, concentration & them selection with a touch of difference & honesty in each respect, to develop various skills like problem-solving skills, increase concentration, creativity, and many more. Along with the academics I do research work like articles, books, documentary films on art, artists, culture, heritage and contemporary art practices.

Awards & Honours

1 2023-2024- Sculptor of the Year award under the Kalinga Art Festival Programme, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India.
2 2019-BHUBANESWAR KALA SANMMAN-2019 by Dhauli International Art Festival, Bhubaneswar, Odisha
3 2011-‘ART MODA’ case award for all India painting contest by ART MODA FOUNDATION, New Delhi.
4 2004-First Youth award in Visual Art in Kurukshetra University, HR.
5 2004-First Youth award in Visual Art Dr. B.R.A. University, Agra Uttar Pradesh.
6 2003-The National scholarship awarded by Dept. of Culture, Govt. of India.
7 2002- Award for Sculpture by All India Fine art Crafts Society, New Delhi.

Books & Journals

1 General Editor-Jadan Alam Book, research book on rural languages-2021
2 Mughal Tamasha (Insolvent Specimen Of Folk Theater At Bhadrak District, Odisha)- International Journal of Current Research 2022
3 Buddhist Antiquities In Balasore, Odisha-International Journal of Current Research 2020
4 Primitive Art: Painted Rock Walls In Odisha -International Journal of Current Research 2019
5 Clay Sculptures For Worship in Eastern Odisha Published by International Journal of Current Research 2018
6 Metal Bowl Makers (Kansari) in An Eastern Odisha Published by International Journal of Current Research 2018
7 Sitabinji: Ruined Heritage Site of Odisha Published By: Abhinav Publication. 2017
8 Art Education in India by Kadmbini -SV College, Aligarh, U.P.2008
9 The Modern Movements in Sculpture in India & Western in Research Journal LKS, Agra. 2005
10 ‘Concept Of Beauty In Art In India & Western’, Published In Research Journal Agra, U.P. 2003
11 ‘Art Is Life Style Of Tribal’ in “Aranyak” Magazine, Orissa. 2002
12 “Sathighara is best relief art” in “Parampara” Magazine, Orissa. 2001


Sl. No.
Publication Name
1 Jadan Alam Book- General Editor research book on rural languages, collective of 34 poems by poet Niranjan Khuntia, published by Young Hearts -2021